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"When I first learned that I would need chemotherapy I was more upset about losing my hair than anything else. I was very excited to learn

I had options."

Cool Cap Program

Our Cool Cap Program will provide breast cancer patients with greater access to the option of using scalp cooling therapy while receiving chemotherapy treatment in an effort to retain their hair during treatment.


Our project aims to alleviate the mental and emotional burdens placed on women undergoing chemotherapy by increasing public understanding of the issue, making scalp cooling/cold capping available to all patients regardless of their ability to pay.


A subsidy of up to help cover the costs of using a cold cap system for patients is available on a sliding scale depending on need.


Program Eligibility

  • Be a breast patient with cancer who is going to be undergoing chemotherapy

  • Be in financial need (documentation required)

  • Be a full-time Canadian resident

  • Identified as a potential candidate by a health care professional


How it works:

  • Patients fill out an application. <click here for an application>

  • Application is reviewed by BCSF review committee

  • Eligible patients are approved for a subsidy (subsidies are on a sliding scale)

  • BCSF subsidizes patients who have demonstrated need

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