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While we acknowledge that every person who is diagnosed with breast cancer experiences a financial impact, our mandate is to provide financial assistance for patients who do not have the financial resources to cover the costs of basic necessities such as food and shelter, as well as medical and additional expenses related to their treatment.

Furthermore, we prioritize applications according to income levels and frequently find that patients to whom we provide financial assistance are living at or below the poverty line.

Requirements for eligibility:

  • Applicants must be diagnosed with breast cancer and either in active treatment ** or within two months of completing treatment.

  • Financial support is provided to patients who are living at or below the poverty line.

  • Applications must be completed in full and accompanied by supporting financial documents.

  • Applications must be signed by either your social worker, primary care nurse or oncologist.

  • Applicants may apply for financial assistance to a maximum of $2,000 (subject to availability of funds).


** Active treatment: For the purposes of this application - refers to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. We do not reimburse for the cost of tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors and do not reimburse expenses for patients who are on longer-term treatments such as Herceptin, or bisphosphonates – with ONE exception. The exception to this policy are patients who have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

Application Form

The Application form can be downloaded here

For further information contact us at 

Once complete, please mail your application directly to us at:

39 Old Mill Road, Suite 1002
Toronto, ON. M8X 1G6

Policy and Procedure:

  • Applicants must provide evidence of financial need by including the following with the application form:

  • Copy of current income tax assessment and most current completed income tax return.

  • Current notice of assessment for spouse/partner.

  • Applicant must disclose ALL sources of income (including but not limited to Insurance or Employment Insurance benefits, CPP, Disability Income, rental income, alimony, etc.)

  • Applicants must provide original receipts for items for which they are seeking to be reimbursed.

  • Applicants applying for financial assistance for rent or mortgage payments must supply copies of supporting documents.

  • Applicants who have become unemployed due to their diagnosis must provide a copy of their Record of Employment (ROE).

  • Applicants must provide a medical report supporting their diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

  • Applicants must provide proof of Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status.

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