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Our Mission

To support Canadian breast cancer patients on their journey to wellness by reducing their economic burden and provide education about the importance of prevention.

Our Vision

To be Canada’s leading voice in changing the conversation about breast cancer by raising awareness about the financial challenges that accompany a diagnosis and the importance of prevention when it comes to breast cancer.


When people talk about breast cancer. They talk about hope. They talk about pain and suffering, treatments and medications.

They talk about the loss of hair, strength, and spirit. People talk about surgeries and scars. They talk about fear. But they don’t talk about money.

People don’t talk about the cost of breast cancer.


About how your benefits will run out before your cancer is gone.

About how millions of dollars are raised in the name of breast cancer, yet those diagnosed struggle, not to survive, but to afford to survive.

People don’t talk about that. But we do. And it’s why we exist.

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