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Meet Our Board


Nora Ursulescu is a marketing specialist with over 9 years of experience, currently working with clients in the wellness, food, beauty, and education industries. She earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, in Sociology and Canadian Studies.

Her extensive professional experience ranges from public relations, corporate communications, social media, digital marketing, to in-person and digital event planning. This wide range of capabilities allow her to focus on driving results through approaches that integrate unique needs and objectives, while the cumulative experience from various roles in an in-house, agency, and freelance capacity allow her to understand and deliver work at a strategic and executional level.

Nora is also familiar with the work involved in a non-profit setting. Throughout her

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academic and professional careers, she has had the opportunity of working on fundraising efforts, and events for SickKids Foundation, YWCA Toronto, and more. She is both honoured and excited to contribute her skills to help amplify the incredible work being done by the Breast Cancer Support Fund, and the efforts to provide financial support to patients who are undergoing breast cancer treatment.

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Afshin Vandaei, (Ash) has extensive professional experience and significant leadership accomplishments in energy sector and philanthropy. With a holistic approach to cultivating relationships and building consensus among diverse individuals, Ash has helped identifying needed organizational change, creating a vision to guide the change, and inspiring people to achieve remarkable results executing the change. Ash received a PhD in Electrical Engineering and an MBA focused on Leadership and Organizations from the University of Manitoba.

He developed a strong sense of devotion for non-profit sector by helping local organizations with their strategic planning and developing social and economic initiatives for over 7 years. Similar experiences gave him a deep appreciation for how non-profits help our society to achieve a more sustainable alternative for addressing social and economic challenges and improve the quality of life.


Interior design and brand professional, Glenn Dixon has been a leading name since 1999. Specializing in residential and commercial design, Glenn has garnered much acclaim through media in print, radio and television. With a design philosophy of “approachable luxury”, his vision incorporates timeless pieces with contemporary design, resulting in an inviting and aspirational environment.  Glenn is often called upon to articulate trends and is known as a specialist in home décor and design and often speaks at home shows across the country and in various national media outlets.


As host and Interior Designer of “Take this house and Sell it”, a show that garnered W network’s #1 spot in original programming, Glenn fashioned himself into the hearts and homes of audiences from Canada, to United States and beyond for 8 memorable years. The show showcased Glenn’s design expertise, sense of humour and propelled him into the spotlight.


Glenn teamed up with his brother David Dixon to help form and brand David Dixon Inc. – a successful fashion design firm with international recognition that today is regarded as one of Canada’s top fashion design houses.

In 2009, to celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday, Glenn was commissioned by Mattel to develop a home line including furnishings and accessories to promote the occasion and sold at Hudson’s Bay.    In 2014, Glenn came back into the living rooms of his Canadian fans whereas he launched his home line of products on The Shopping Channel, which is continuously evolving and growing – all to compliment his philosophy of providing high-end designer looks at approachable pricing.


A member of Canada’s philanthropic community, Glenn believes in “giving back” and supports several charities and non-profit organizations including Breast Cancer Support Fund, Scrubs for Hospital for Sick Kids, Ovarian Cancer Society, Osteoporosis Canada,  Fife house, Act Toronto, CAFA, Healthy kids international, Casey House, Herbie Fund, Children’s make a wish, Toronto Fashion Incubator and One X One to name a few.

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Donna Sheehan, business woman and entrepreneur changed  careers after the first breast cancer diagnosis and eventually established the Breast Cancer Support Fund, a national charity that provides financial assistance to breast cancer patients who are facing a financial crisis while  in treatment.


Donna was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 when she had two young teenagers and subsequently was diagnosed three more times before finally having a bilateral mastectomy in 2021.


Donna now dedicates her time to managing the Breast Cancer Support Fund - helping  women, and their families, who need it the most.

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