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Eating Time

Please note:

This program is provided to patients who are facing a significant financial burden and finding

it difficult to

make ends meet during treatment.

Meal Support Program

The Meal Support Program is currently available in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

Nutrition is a critical part of health and healing, so it’s vital that anyone going through cancer treatment, surgery, and recovery have consistent access to nutritious food. 


Healthy meals provide provide nutrients and antioxidants necessary for energy and healthy cell regeneration which supports the immune system.

Did you see us in the news?!

A video from our partner in Nova Scotia. 

Our Meal Support Program provides healthy, nutritious meals to low-income breast cancer patients who are struggling with a critical economic burden because of their breast cancer diagnosis.  

The Program provides nutritious prepared dinners at no cost to patients who live in the community where they are being treated and for patients who have to travel from out-of-town for treatment.

For information about the program or to receive an application contact us at

Meal Support Program

The Meal Support Program is generously supported by the J.P. Bickell Foundation, the J & W Murphy Foundation, the Bras Family Foundation, Rotary Sunrisers Sudbury, and Dalron Construction and the generous donors of the Breast Cancer Support Fund.

This program is currently available In all of Ontario and in Atlantic Canada.

" My quality of life would have suffered if I did not receive this support at this time in my life. There are so many pleasurable things that are taken away during this journey. Having a comforting and nutritious meal is both pleasurable and life-sustaining. Even though I will never meet the chef and staff who spent the time preparing these meals, I feel that they were part of my healing journey. I thank them for their work and energy when I didn’t have it within me to feed myself. I fully and whole-heartedly recommend this ‘real-food’ program that is locally based. "   Janice P. 

"Offering this service to the family rather than just he patient is amazing and incredibly helpful.  Most days I do not have the energy to make dinner for when my children and husband return from school/work.  The meals provided are healthy, well made and portion sizes allow for leftovers.  I am so thankful for this program – it is greatly appreciated. Thank you."

"Undergoing cancer treatment with 2 young teens at home and a spouse who is working long hours to make up some of the income lost due to me not currently working, this service has been wonderful and extremely helpful during this difficult time.  This service has taken away a great deal of mental and financial stress.  The meals are well prepared and easy to heat so my kids can easily prepare their own meals."  Jenn G.

The Meal Support Program is currently available in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

If you are looking for an application for the Meal Support Program- click here


Fill the the application and have it signed by your social worker.

Once we receive your application, we'll phone you and let you know how many weeks you are eligible for the program and explain how to order prepared dinners - at no cost to you.

Mail the application form to:

Breast Cancer Support Fund

1002 - 39 Old Mill Road

Toronto, Ontario M8X 1G6 


or email the application form to

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